Enhance Your Home's Appearance With Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors can add warmth and elegance to your home. If you're ready to upgrade your floors, call on Boutin Floor & Cleaning Services. We provide hardwood floor installation services in and around Hudson, NH. You'll be amazed by the difference hardwood can make to the overall appearance and value of your home.

To get started, let us know the square footage of your home and send us some pictures. Then we'll give you a free estimate and schedule the appointment. While we're working, we would ask that you keep pets out of the area. We also recommend leaving your home, so the fumes won't bother you and your family.

Contact us now to learn more about our hardwood floor installation services. We can also install luxury vinyl plank flooring.

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you're probably familiar with scratches and scuffs. Visible marks on your hardwood floors can be caused by all kinds of things, such as: shoes, moving furniture, drops, pet claws, etc. If these marks are left untreated for too long, it can leave your hardwood floors exposed and lead to future deterioration. To prevent this, Boutin Services offers professional cleaning & buffing to help bring life back to your hardwood floors & conceal visible damage!

Hardwood floors are one of the most beautiful and elegant flooring types you can have installed in your home. Yet, they can also be expensive to repair if left unprotected. Like any home investment, homeowners may want to perform routine maintenance on them to prevent severe damage.

Hardwood floors can become dirty and won't quite shine like new for several reasons. Entryways are usually the most abused area of the floor in your home. Dirt, sand, and water continue to build and build, which leaves obvious, ugly wear & tear. Even in the less traveled areas of your home, average traffic will start to dull down the floors, which is why it's recommended that you have your hardwood floors periodically cleaned and polished professionally.

Have you noticed signs of wear and tear on your hardwood floors? If you have, it may be time to have your hardwood floors cleaned, buffed, and recoated by Boutin Services in order to avoid irreversible damage to your floors, you should have them recoated every 3-5 years (depending on how much traffic your floors endure). Keep your hardwood floors looking great for as long as possible by giving us a call today!

We use a multi-step process that utilizes the newest technology in cleaning products. After we prepare the area, we start a three-step process that cleans, rinses, and polishes your floor. All of the dirt and grime on the hardwood floor is removed and contained by our machine. We then repeat the cleaning process with a neutralizer that restores the pH of the wood, which also provides another cleaning pass for anything left on the floor. Finally, we coat the floor with gloss or satin to restore the shine of the hardwood floor.

Hardwood screen and recoat service description

If your hardwood floors have light surface blemishes and scratches, our screen and recoat service may be the best option for floors; especially if your floors have lost their sheen and are no longer appealing like they once were. Our screen and recoat process is for light, surface-level scratches on your hardwood floors where the layer of is wearing down. Our screen and recoat service does not however remove scratches that have gone down into the wood.

We call this our sandless refinishing service where floor sanding is not necessary. The recoating process provides 2 additional protective layers using a commercial-grade polyurethane. This can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on lifestyle and floor traffic. The extra wear layers also makes the floor look better with a heavenly sheen. Our refinishers come in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. If you are unsure how deep the scratches on your floors are, give us a call. We would be happy to come out and assess your floors and provide you with options for making your floors look great again.

We also offer full sanding and refinishing services as well if you"re looking to bring your floors back to their original condition or would like to change the stain color of them.

Wood floor wax removal

Our wood floor wax removal service is perfect for homeowners who want to remove buildups of wax residue and restore their hardwood floors. Using store bought wax/oil/acrylic based cleaners and rejuvenator products will make your floors appear darker and unattractive over time. Unfortunately, most of the store-bought hardwood surface treatment products leave a heavy residue accumulation behind.Such products tend to attract dirt, grime, and bacteria. Eventually, the buildup darkens the floors, also making them more susceptible to scratches and staining. Thankfully, Truman's offers an incredible solution to this problem! In addition to removing the wax from the floors, we clean them thoroughly. For floors with years of wax and residue layer build up, we highly recommend that your floors be screened and recoated once the wax has been removed. This is because we must be more aggressive in removing the years-worth of residue and, as a result, your floors may look cloudy and lack sheen. We understand how important your floors are to the value of your home.

Waxing hardwood floors is never a good idea. However, if you have put hardwood floor wax on your hardwood floors, then we can help you remove it and make your floors beautiful again. Wax can make your hardwood floors look ugly, and over time, it makes them chipped and stained. Our system can remove all the wax, and put a brand new finish on top of your hardwood floors. We'll make your hardwood floors good as new with our specially designed hardwood floor cleaner.

Hardwood floor protection is a great way to keep your hardwood floors protected from moisture and damage. Protectors should be applied regularly; unfortunately, store-bought wax products can cause build-up and leave your floors looking dull and murky. Wax removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Save yourself the trouble and allow the trained professionals at Truman's to handle all of your hardwood wax removal needs!

Here's how we remove wax from hardwood floors

  • First, we identify the level of wax build-up by demonstrating a test area of the hardwood floors
  • Second, we prep the hardwood floors by applying an emulsifier to soften the wax from the hardwood floors.
  • Third, Third we use a agitation tool to force the wax build-up from the surface of the hardwood floors.
  • Fourth, we extract the wax build-up from the hardwood floors using a neutral cleaner.
  • ​Fifth, if the hardwood floors are engineered we will buff the hardwood floors to restore the original texture but if the hardwood floors are solid we will follow with a screen & recoat to restore the original conditions.